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skin medical clinic cosmetic treatment

    Dermal cosmetic treatments on the Sunshine Coast

    skin medical clinic skin treatment

    Life can be tough on your skin, and daily wear and tear can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. At Skin Medical Clinic, we can whisk them away with our muscle relaxing or anti-wrinkle injections to smooth away those lines around your eyes, lips, and forehead. Our range of skincare products will help keep your skin looking its very best.

    Our hyaluronic dermal filler will plump out sagging cheeks and lips, giving you a fresher, more youthful look.

    Value for money

    Treatments for crows feet and the forehead usually costs between $200 - $330 depending on the amount of treatment units required.

    Dermal filler varies in price depending on your requirements. Lighter fillers are used for volumising lips while heavier fillers can be used to plump up cheeks. Medium weight fillers are used for the naso-labial folds and for mouth lines.  Lip volume starts at $350.00 for 1ml of hyaluronic filler.  The price reduces when combined with antiwrinkle treatment or more hyaluronic filler.

    Skincare range

    We also stock a full range of quality Australian made organic skincare products as well as sunscreens. Rest assured these products really work to pamper your skin, leaving you looking and feeling clean, fresh and more youthful!

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